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Beautiful arrangement designed with care and cleanliness.  We have sanitized all utensils in our shop and will deliver in a vase that has also been sanitized.  Your arrangement will have a variety of shades and colors close to this photo.  Picture shown is a recent example, we don't guarantee what the flower varieties will be, but we do guarantee the freshness and quality which is what is most important.  

You are special, luxurious flowers

SKU: 04172021
  • All sales are final and non-refundable. Product is perishable and must be given flower food and water daily to ensure the highest quality.

  • Your flowers will be shipped in the proper wrapping allowing the flowers to stay cool and hydrated through a damp cloth. They will be packaged in a pretty presentation with a beautiful bow.  The receipient will need to put them in fresh water in a vase with flower food which we provide.  Giving them a quick snip will also help ensure those thirsty flowers can drink quickly.  Remember, we have already processed them so they will arrive looking beautiful already in a bouquet wiht no need to arrange. Enjoy

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