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Terms &Conditions

All of the work including text,photographs, store products and other marketing on our site are owned and the sole property of Natalie Durham Events, llc Anyone who copies our work and attempts to falsely claim them, resell them, market them, or post them will be met with legal action from our company.  We do not and will not tolerate anyone claiming our work as theirs or falsely leading brides into situations using our work. Full LEGAL action will be taken against you.  


Important Information

Ribbon and Materials

*We include a satin ivory/cream ribbon on all of the bouquets.  You are more than welcome to purchase your own and mail it to us to use.

Take Down

*All of the flowers are yours to keep. Including the containers they came in unless you rented them from us and in that case we would take those back with us.  We will take down any floral installations including garlands if we are your coordinator. In the event we are not the coordinator then you would be responsible for all take down and return of our rentals. Or you have the option of us doing a pick up for a fee of $150. We will toss all loose greenery and flowers.

Blessing others

Any flowers that you do not want to take home with you, we will take with us and deliver them the following day to folks we know of that are in need of a smile.  Sometimes we deliver to the maternity unit at the hospital to mothers who have lost babies, or to the cancer unit.  We believe that paying it forward is the only way to live. So if this is something you want us to do, please let us know. We will happily do this for you.


Terms and Conditions:

 NDE appreciates the opportunity to contribute our floral and bridal services to your wedding day. Our goal is to provide you with high quality flowers and designs, as well as make every effort to ensure that you are provided with exceptional bridal services, and ultimately presented with an unforgettable wedding day. NDE reserves the right to cancel this contract if at any time we feel that the obligations cannot be met due to abusive behavior, inappropriate behavior or failure to pay us. Please note that your Wedding Deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.  In the event that your event is cancelled within 60 days of your event, you are still responsible to pay the remaining balance (payment due in 5 days from cancellation).  If you chose to postpone your wedding date before 60 days out, you will need to work with us and our schedule to find a new date at no additional cost.  If you postpone your wedding date within the 60 day mark of your date, you will need to pay the remaining balance plus 25% additional fee (due 5 days after rescheduling) of the total contract to cover us not being able to re-book your date or any materials and products we have already purchased.


Important: The photos ie pinterest.. on the inspiration page on this proposal do not represent anything other than inspiration. We may vary the size shape and color or flower choices.  Please return all rentals within 7 days of your event.  In the event that items are not returned or are damaged you will be responsible for the full amount of the retail cost to purchase a replacement.  Payment is due immediately on the 8th day or when we see the damage on the items.  Failure to adhere to this will result in a claim in small courts.


Interaction Policy

The planner reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately and with no refund for verbally abusive language, threatening language, abusive behavior, rude or crude comments by bride or her family/friends, demanding behavior and any other actions made by the bride or her family/friends that put the planners at risk for harm, bullying or threats. If a bride at any time conducts a smear campaign against us based on untruthful statements, we will seek full legal action immediately.  All issues need to be handled appropriately, privately and documented by both the client and vendor.  Our goal is to always give our clients the best experience so we hope this policy does not have to ever be invoked.  We understand how stressful planning a wedding is so we are here to help!


COVID/or any other VIRUS

- We are not responsible for you, your guests, your family or anyone else involved in your wedding.  They are completely and solely responsible for their involvement and behaviors.  We, Natalie Durham Events,llc and Natalie Durham and 1099 employees are held harmless if anyone gets sick at any of your wedding functions. 

Accommodation Policy- not included in pricing. This may be listed on other contracts we have with you and if so, please disregard this portion below.

In some cases we require a hotel stipend.  Typically it is late at night when these events end and long drives home are not conducive for our own safety. A stipend of $250 is usually required for any event further than 30 miles from Canton, Ga. (events ending at 9pm or later) You are more than welcome to book us one room with two queens and that will work if this applies to your wedding.  Usually you would just add a room to your current room block.


Mileage  Venues located outside our 30 mile radius will be billed at .75 per mile round trip . This includes each site visit and wedding day this has not been added to your total and will be billed separately based on our trips to the venue.

Coordinator and Vendors: The coordinator has no authority over vendors and does not represent the vendors.  We do not assume any responsibility over their services or actions.  Clients shall indemnify and hold harmless the Coordinator and defend from and against all claims and actions, expenses or losses/damages.

Coordinator is not responsible for any items that are lost, damaged, stolen or damage to the venue. Client will hold harmless the Coordinator for any such loss.

Please provide a meal for the Lead Coordinator, and any secondary assistants. We are fine to eat what the guests are eating.


General Provisions:

a) All flower arrangements will be made in our flower shop to ensure freshness and the long lasting quality of the flowers. Once the flowers are out of our possession at the venue or church, we are no longer responsible for their quality or any damages. 

b) If flowers are being delivered, a time will be set up for NDE to enter all venues on the day of the ceremony. We do not authorize anyone to touch or re-do any of our flower arrangements.

c) Please feel free to contact us in the event of an unexpected circumstance, and understand that while we will do everything conceivable to make your day as special as possible; please be aware that there may be additional charges.


Photographs: NDE would like to feature photographs of your wedding in the NDE website Wedding Gallery, as well as include in internal wedding publications as applicable. We respectfully request your written consent to grant NDE permission to utilize your wedding images as NDE work product in promoting and showcasing our wedding business. Any photographs of your wedding event in NDE possession will not be for resale.

Important: Coordination does not include cleaning of the venue or taking down of the decorations. Coordinator is not responsible for any harm or damage at the venue.

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